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Product name: COMBUTEC-2 (COMBUTEC-2)

Active substance: comb.
Type: Preparation, improving trophic and tissue regeneration, with antimicrobial activity for external use

Manufacturer: БЕЛКОЗ�Н - ЛУЖСК�Й ЗАВОД (Russia)
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Dermatoprotective agent.
They are used to protect wound and burn surfaces, have antiseptic effect, promote the development of granulations

- Burns II-IIIa st.
(closing of surfaces cleared of dead tissues);
- burns IIIb st.
(after removal of the scab);
- flat granulating post-traumatic wounds;

- trophic ulcers;

- pressure sores;

- autodermoplasty (preparation of wounds);

- closure of donor sites after autodermoplasty.

Apply the plate to the wound (including after taking the skin graft) with a porous surface, with its margins at 0.5-1 cm covering the edges of the wound.
The plate is fixed with 1-2 layers of gauze (without cotton wool).
The condition of the wound surface is monitored daily, with a sparse discharge - 1 time, with abundant - 2 times / day.

Autodermaplasty is performed in areas where juicy pink granulations are formed under the plate.
Leave on the donor site before self-exclusion with complete epithelialization of the wound.
In posttraumatic wounds, it is recommended to apply after cleansing the wound from necrotic tissues, with the beginning of healthy granulation growth and during the epithelization of small wounds.

When trophic ulcers and bedsores are recommended to use after cleansing the wound surface from necrotic tissues and achieving low bacterial contamination.

Secondary infection;
allergic reactions.

- profuse wound exudation;

- necrosis of the skin;

- infected wounds (more than 100 thousand microbial bodies per 1 g of tissue).

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