Universal reference book for medicines
On our portal " Universal reference book of medicines " contains information on more than 2 thousand medicines, as well as synonyms for names. With the help of us, you can easily find the medicines needed to treat the disease you indicated. All drugs will eventually be separated by groups of formological signs, as well as all pills, antibiotics and other medications for diseases.
Each medicine contains the following information:
- detailed description;
- synonyms of the given medicinal preparation;
- methods of application;
- indications for use;
- contraindications;
- form of the preparation;
- The way of storing medicines.

Attention! Do not self-medicate. The information presented on the portal is not official. For all questions about the use of medications, consult your doctor.

The administration of the portal does not bear any responsibility for any inaccuracies contained in the pages of the "
Universal reference book of medicines ".
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