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Product name: HEXICON В® (HEXICON)

Active substance: chlorhexidine

Type: Antiseptic for external and local use

Manufacturer: NIZHFARM (Russia)
Composition, form of production and packaging
Solution for external use 0.05% colorless, transparent or slightly opalescent, odorless.
100 ml

chlorhexidine bigluconate (20% rr) 0.25 ml

Excipients: purified water.

10 ml - polyethylene bottles (1) with polymer packing - packs cardboard.

50 ml - polyethylene bottles (1) with polymer packing - packs cardboard.

70 ml - polyethylene bottles (1) with polymer packing - packs cardboard.

100 ml - polyethylene bottles (1) with polymer packing - packs cardboard.

150 ml - polyethylene bottles (1) with polymer packing - packs cardboard.

200 ml - polyethylene bottles (1) with polymer packing - packs cardboard.

250 ml - polyethylene bottles (1) with polymer packing - packs cardboard.

500 ml - polyethylene bottles (1) with polymer packing - packs cardboard.


Description of the drug approved by the manufacturer for the printed edition of 2014.


Antiseptic drug, active against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria (including - Treponema pallidum, Chlamidia spp., Ureaplasma spp., Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Gardnerella vaginalis, Bacteroides fragilis);
protozoa (Trichomonas vaginalis); viruses (Herpes virus); yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida, dermatophytes (pathogens of favus (scab) microsporia, rubrofitia, trichophytosis, epidermophytia). Keeps activity (albeit somewhat lowered) in the presence of blood, pus.
Does not damage granulation and viable skin cells, does not inhibit marginal epithelization.
Does not have a local irritant effect and allergenic properties.

Virtually not absorbed from the digestive tract.
After accidental ingestion, 300 mg of C max is reached after 30 minutes and is 0.206 Ојg / l. It is excreted primarily through the intestine (90%), less than 1% is excreted by the kidneys.
When topical application does not have the ability to be absorbed through the skin and mucous membranes.


Prevention of sexually transmitted infections:

- Chlamydia;

- ureaplasmosis;

- Trichomoniasis;

- Gonorrhea;

- syphilis;

- genital herpes.

Disinfection of purulent wounds, infected burn surfaces.

Treatment of infections of the skin and mucous membranes in surgery, obstetrics-gynecology, urology (urethritis, urethroprostatitis), dentistry (rinsing and irrigation - gingivitis, stomatitis, aphthae, paradontitis, alveolitis).


Outer, local.

Solution Hexicon В® is applied in the form of irrigation, rinses and applications - 5-10 ml of the solution is applied to the affected surface of the skin or mucous membranes with exposure 1-3 min 2-3 times / day (on a tampon or by irrigation).

To prevent sexually transmitted infections , hexicon В® is effective if it is applied no later than 2 hours after sexual intercourse.

The contents of the vial with a nozzle insert into the urethra for men (2-3 ml), for women (1-2 ml) and for the vagina (5-10 ml) and hold for 2-3 minutes.

Treate the skin with the internal surfaces of the hips, pubic area, genitals.
After the procedure, do not urinate for two hours.
Complex treatment of urethritis and urethroprostatitis is carried out by injecting into the urethra 2-3 ml of a solution of Hexicon В® 1-2 times / day, the course - 10 days.
The procedures are scheduled every other day.
With stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontitis, it is recommended to rinse the oral cavity with 5-10 ml of the drug, 3-4 times / day.


It is extremely rare: allergic reactions, itching, after the withdrawal of the drug, dry skin, dermatitis, stickiness of the skin of hands (within 3-5 minutes), photosensitization.

In the treatment of gingivitis - staining the enamel of the teeth, deposition of tartar, a violation of taste.


- hypersensitivity to the components of the drug;

- dermatitis.

With caution: child age.


The use is possible during pregnancy, during lactation.


With caution: child age.


Avoid getting the drug inside the wound in patients with open craniocerebral trauma, spinal cord injuries, perforation of the tympanic membrane.
If the solution gets on the mucous membranes of the eye, they should be washed quickly and thoroughly with water.
The ingestion of hypochlorite bleaching substances on tissues that previously were in contact with chlorhexidine-containing drugs may contribute to the appearance of brown spots on them.

Bactericidal action is enhanced with increasing temperature of the solution.

At a temperature above 100 В° C the drug is partially decomposed.

It is not recommended simultaneous use with iodine-containing drugs.

Impact on the ability to drive vehicles and manage mechanisms

Does not affect.


Due to low systemic absorption, an overdose is unlikely.
Cases of drug overdose are unknown.

It is pharmaceutically incompatible with detergents containing an anionic group (saponins, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose), and soaps.
The presence of soap can inactivate chlorhexidine, so before using the drug, soap residues should be thoroughly rinsed off.
Compatible with drugs containing a cationic group (benzalkonium chloride, cetrimonium bromide).

Ethanol enhances the effectiveness of the drug.


The drug is approved for use as a means of OTC.


The drug should be stored in a place protected from light, inaccessible to children, at a temperature of no higher than 25 В° C.
Shelf life - 3 years. Do not use the product after the expiry date printed on the package.
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