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Active substance: measles vaccine (live)

Type: Vaccine for measles prevention

Producer: NGO MIKROGEN (Russia) VECTOR-MEDICA Group (Russia)
Description of the active substance:
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The attenuated measles virus strain Leningrad-16 and Moscow-5 are obtained by culturing the Japanese quail embryos in the primary culture with subsequent purification and lyophilization.
The vaccine stimulates the production of anticorrosive antibodies to 95% of seronegative individuals on days 21-28 after vaccination, and immunity persists for at least 18 years.
Hyperattenuated strain of measles virus Schwarz is cultivated on chick embryos.
Specific immunity develops over a period of 15 years and, according to available data, persists for at least 20 years.
Active prophylaxis of measles: in children 12 months old, not infected with measles;
in the elderly, not vaccinated and not infected with measles according to epidemiological indications; in children who had been vaccinated before, in the serum of which no antibodies to the measles virus were detected.
Immediately before use, the vaccine is diluted at a rate of 0.5 ml of solvent per vaccine dose of the vaccine.
The method of administration (sc or I / m) depends on the dosage form used.
Part of the patients in the period from 5 to 18 days can observe temperature reactions, hyperemia of the throat, rhinitis, sometimes - coughing and conjunctivitis;
in rare cases, a measles rash is attached. Very rare complications from the side of the central nervous system are encephalitis, convulsions that occur 6-10 days after vaccination, usually against a background of high temperature. Allergic reactions in individuals with intolerance to foreign albumin. Local reactions - hyperemia, edema at the injection site for 1-3 days.
Congenital or acquired immunodeficiency (including HIV infection);
administration of immunoglobulins for at least 6 weeks before vaccination. To use a vaccine obtained from the strain of measles virus Leningrad-16 or Moscow-5: pregnancy. Live vaccines can not be used in pregnant women, as well as in persons with acquired or congenital immunodeficiency, possibly the development of a disease caused by a vaccine strain.
Pregnancy is a contraindication to the use of a vaccine derived from the strain of measles virus Leningrad-16 or Moscow-5 (live vaccines can not be used in pregnant women, as the development of a disease caused by a vaccine strain is possible).

The specific dosage form of the vaccine should be used strictly according to the indications and in accordance with the instructions for use.
The measles vaccine can be given no earlier than 2 months after the vaccination against other infections, and also not earlier than 3 months after or 3 weeks before the administration of immunoglobulins.
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