Lomustin (lomustin)

LOMUSTIN (Lomustin).
     1-(2-Chloroethane) -3 - tsiklogeksil-1- nitrozomochevina.
     Synonym : SiiNU, CeeNu.
     Kremovato- white crystalline powder. Poor soluble in water and alcohol, soluble in acetone, dimetilsulfokside and dimethylformamide. A thermally unstable and melts with decomposition.
     Contains in the molecule, along with a fragment nitrozomocheviny, hloretilny substituent.
     Alkiliruet phosphate, amides, hydroxyl, carboxyl group and sulfgidrilnye was sew and DNA breaks.
     Rapidly absorbed in the digestive tract, A max is 1-4 h; Different ability easily penetrate the blood-brain barrier.
     Applied tumors in the brain, lung, stomach, kidney, chlamydia, malignant lymphoma, melanoma, mielomnoy disease and lymphosarcoma.
     Assign inside dose of 100-130 mg per m2 of body surface 1 1 time in six weeks, or 75 mg / m 2 every 3 weeks.
     There may be radiation, thrombocytopenia, nausea, vomiting, anorexia, stomatitis, Alopecia, a breach in liver function, menstrual irregularities.
     Contraindications : Violations of blood (mielosupressiya) expressed violations of the liver and kidney, pregnancy, breast-feeding.
     Method of production : tablets of 0.04 g (40 mg) (N 50); Capsules of 0.01; 0.04 and 0.1 g (N. 20).

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