At our portal "handbook drugs" contains information on more than two thousand drugs, as well as synonyms names. With us, you can easily find drugs for the treatment of the disease you. All drugs might be a different group formakologicheskogo token and divided all the pills, antibiotics and other medicines for the disease.

Each medication contains the following information :
  •   details;
  •   synonyms of the drug;
  •   uses;
  •   testimony to the application;
  •   contraindications;
  •   a presentation;
  •   way to store drugs.

The "handbook of drugs" will contain a list of soft drugs, pills, antibiotics, which was approved by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation.
In our pharmacological guide you will find information about the clinic in Moscow, Moscow region and St. Petersburg;

Attention! Do not find out themselves. Information provided on the portal is not official. In all matters of drugs to contact a doctor. In this you can help doctors-free consultants.

Portal administration is not responsible for any inaccuracies contained in the "Universal directory drugs."

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Index medicines

Index medicines

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