Lipostabil (lipostabil)

LIPOSTABIL (Lipostabil) *.
     Combined product, available in capsules (Fort) containing unsaturated fatty acids (linolevuyu, linolenovuyu, oleinovuyu; In capsule 300 mg) and 7 (b-gidrooksietil) Theophylline (50 mg in a capsule), as well as intravenous injectable injections with the same amount of acid in 500 mg, 4 mg pyridoxine hydrochloride, nicotinic acid 2 mg; adenozin-5- monofosfat (AMF), 2 mg.
     Diabetic drug effects caused by unsaturated fatty acids (see Linetol) and other components. A capsules derivative teofillina can antiagregatsionnomu effect, and the content of amlulah nicotinic acid and other components of diabetic while nicotinic acid dose of the drug (2 mg in the ampoule) is small.
     Recommended for use with the NCEP and gipertriglitseridemii, atherosclerosis, coronary violations, cerebral and peripheral blood circulation, nefroticheskom syndrome and other diseases associated with giperlipoproteinemiey.
     Assign into adults and 2 capsules (not canines) three times a day for food (with a small amount of water). The course of treatment 1 to 6 months or more.
     In the vein type (slow) to 10-20 ml (in 10 ml vials) within 2 to 4 weeks, then move on supportive therapy (inside of 1 - 2 capsules three times a day).
     The drug is usually well. Intravenous imposed without further developed. May not be grown solutions of sodium chloride. Intramuscular injections painful.
     Method of issuance : capsules in a package of 50 pieces; In ampoules and 10 ml pack of five vials.
     Storage : Keep in a cool, dry place (capsules).

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