Linetol (linaetholum)

LINETOL (Linaetholum).
     The drug, derived from flax oil (O leum Lini). Includes mixture ethyl esters of unsaturated fatty acids : peroxide (about 15%), linolevoy (about 15%) and linolenic (about 57%); The content of saturated acids of 9-11%.
     Slightly yellowish masloobraznaya mobile liquid with weak bitter taste. It is mixed with water, mixed in the ratio of alcohol, ether. The density of 0,882 - 0,887. Acid number no more than 3, 5, iodine number at least 166.
     Earlier linetol placed inside for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis and in the External ray burns and skin damage.
     Application linetola with atherosclerosis is based on data on the ability of unsaturated fatty acid content in lowering blood cholesterol. Of the unsaturated fatty acids flax oil essential in this regard are Linoleic and Linolenic acid, respectively, two and three double bonds (condensed acid has only one dual link). These and related to polyunsaturated fatty acids (Eicosatetraenoic etc.; See Arahiden) play an important role in the exchange of lipids in the body.
     Proposed merge their conditional group called "Vitamin F". Linolenic acid and arahidonovoy now attaches particular importance because they are the natural predecessors prostaglandines (see).
     Flax acid ethyl esters oils in the form of the drug "Linetol" have the same effect as acid, but are better and better organoleptic properties are transferred, especially in long-term use.
     It appears that some of the patients atherosclerosis and other diseases, leaking from NCEP, the treatment linetolom slightly lower serum cholesterol blood cholesterol reduced rate / phospholipids, as well as the high density lipoprotein-b and b-globulinov, increasing NPZ. Improving feeling sick.
     The lack of efficiency in atherosclerosis linetol recently ceased to be used as a means diabetic, but it applies External with burns, skin lesions ray treatment and others to open (mostly in a hospital), stung by blurring the smooth surface layer of the drug every 1 day, or a closed mode : after causing drug impose dressed with emulsions of fish oil. The topsoil dressing changes daily, and the lower 1 - 2-layer gauze do not change, but they permeate linetolom and place on top of fresh, dry bandages. Applied also linetolovuyu 5% ointment (Unguentum Linaetholi 5%).
     Linetol member of the aerosol products "Vinizol, Levovinizol, Livian and Lifuzol."
     Product : in orange glass bottles of 100 ml and 180.
     Storage : in the dark spot. Bottles should not be left open to avoid damaging drug.

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