Levovist (levovist)

LEVOVIST (Levovist).
     Synonym : Galactose L., L. Galactose
     Used to enhance the contrast in ultrasound research vessels and the heart.
     In vascular sonography injected adult 5-8 ml 40% solution (with a very weak signals), or 5-10 ml 30% solution (weak signal), or 10-16 ml of 20% solution (with moderately expressed Signals); Children 0,5-10-ml 20% solution.
     When sonography heart introduce adults 10-16 ml of 20% solution (with the weak signals 5-10 ml 30% solution) at a speed of 1-2 ml per second; Child-0,5-4 ml 20% or 30% solution.
     Product : granules for mikrokristallicheskoy suspension for injection in vials of 2,5 and 4 g complete with a solvent (water injection) in 20 ml ampoules and disposable syringes.
     Storage : List B.

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