Lipoic acid (acidum lipoicum)

LIPOEVAYA ACID (Acidum lipoicum). 6, 8-Ditiooktanovaya acid.
     Synonyms : Acidum thiocticum, Biletan, Heparlipon, Protogen, Thioctacid, Thioctan, Tioctacid, Tioctan And p.
     The crystalline powder of light yellow color, bitter taste, with a specific smell. Almost nerastvorim water, easily soluble in alcohol. Sodium salt lipoevoy acid dissolves well in water.
     Lipoic acid is kofermentom involved in the oxidative decarboxylation dofamine acid and a-ketokislot, and plays an important role in the educational process energy in the body. The nature of the biochemical Lipoic acid approaching vitamins Group B.
     Lipoic acid involved in the regulation of lipid and Carbohydrate exchange has lipotropny effect, influence exchange cholesterol, and improves liver function, provides detoksitsiruyuschee effect in the administration of heavy metal salts and other intoxication.
     In the body is in different bodies, many in the liver, kidney, heart. For use as a medicine is its synthetic get through.
     Applied to preventive and therapeutic purpose in adjuvant therapy of coronary atherosclerosis, liver disease (disease Botkina-light and medium current, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis), diabetic polinevrita, alcoholic. While the application lipoevoy acid (in conjunction with other means) in the treatment of patients get the disease.
     Is the interior in the form of tablets after meals to 0,025 - 0.05 g 2 - 3 times a day. Intramuscularly impose on 2 - 4 ml 0.5% solution (0,01 - 0,02 g) a day. The average duration of treatment of 20 days of the PC. If necessary, repeat the treatment after a break that lasts one month.
     Children under the age of seven years shall designate the interior of 0,012 grams, over seven years - 0,012 -0,024 g 2 - 3 times a day.
     The reception is possible diarrhoeal drug phenomenon (podlozhechnoy pain in the area, ulcers), allergic skin deterioration. Caution must be exercised in the appointment of a drug giperatsidnym patients with gastritis and gastric ulcers, as well as the tendency to allergic reactions.
     Method of issuance : powder; Tablets of 0,012 and 0,025 g-coated; 0.5% solution in 2 ml ampoules.
     Storage : Keep in a cool place protected from the light.
     R p. : Ta b. As. lipoici 0,025 N. 50
     D.S. At one tablet three times a day
     R p. : Sol. As. lipoici 0.5% 2 ml
     D.t.d. N. in ampull 10.
     S. On February 2 ml per day intramuscularly
     Lipoic acid is a member of the integrated (polivitaminnogo) product "Komplivit."

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