Yomeglamovaya acid (acidum iomeglamicum)

YOMEGLAMOVAYA ACID (Acidum iomeglamicum). 3-(3-Aminofenil-2, 4, 6-triyod) -N- a metilglutarimidn I acid.
     Synonyms : Falignost (new), Falignost neu.
     Mikrokristallichesky powder amber or brown color. Nerastvorim almost in the water.
     It is like acid yopanoevoy, rentgenokontrastnym preparation for the study biliary tract gallbladder.
     Inside applied in the form of tablets. Is relatively quick release of the active substance of the pill, prompt and complete vacuumed from the bowel.
     Assign a single dose of 8 tablets taken the night before (12 h) studies, or in the number fraktsionno 8 tablets for 12 hours before the study (the previous night) and 8 tablets morning for 4 h to holegrafii.
     With fractional method (in a double dose) is a better image biliary ERCP and bladder.
     Before the drug may nausea, vomiting male to, in rare cases, allergic skin reactions.
     Contraindications see Bilimin.
     Product : 0.2 grams of pills in a package of eight pieces.
     Produced in Germany.

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