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Active substance: nonappropriate

Type: Vaccine for the prevention of dysentery

Manufacturer: ГР�ТВАК (Russia)
Typical clinico-pharmacological article
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A liposaccharide solution extracted from a Shigella sonnei culture, purified by enzymatic and physico-chemical methods.

Forms a specific resistance to Shigella sonnei, stimulates the appearance of specific antibodies, providing resistance after 2 to 3 weeks to infection within 1 year.

- Sonne's dysentery (prophylaxis).

Adults and children aged 3 years and older receive the drug sc (deep) or IM in the outer surface of the upper third of the shoulder - 50 Ојg (0.5 ml) once.
If necessary, revaccinate at the same dose every year.
Opening of ampoules and the procedure for administering the drug are carried out with strict adherence to aseptic and antiseptic rules.
The drug from the opened ampoule should be used immediately.
The vaccination is recorded in the prescribed registration forms with the name of the preparation and the date of vaccination, dose, manufacturer, serial number and response to vaccination.

Rarely (within the first 24 hours after immunization) - hyperthermia (in 3-5% of cases - subfibrilitet within 24-48 h), headache, local reactions (hyperemia, tenderness at the injection site).

- hypersensitivity (including on the previous introduction of a dysentery vaccine);

- acute period of infectious and non-infectious diseases;

- exacerbation of chronic diseases;

- the period of convalescence or remission within 1 month after the acute period of the disease;

- Pregnancy;

- Children's age (up to 3 years).

The use of the drug is contraindicated in pregnancy.

Contraindicated in childhood up to 3 years.

Preventive vaccination is recommended for workers of infectious hospitals and bacteriological laboratories;
persons engaged in public catering and public amenities;children attending children's institutions and going to health camps; persons departing to regions with a high incidence of dysentery zone; before the seasonal increase in the incidence of this infection.
According to epidemiological indications, vaccinations are carried out in case of an epidemic or the threat of its occurrence (natural disasters, major accidents at water supply and sewerage networks).

In order to identify contraindications on the day of vaccination, it is necessary to collect a complete history of diseases and conduct thermometry, if necessary, conduct the necessary laboratory tests.

Before vaccination evaluate the integrity of the ampoule and packaging, the physical properties of the drug, check the expiration date.

Vaccination can be carried out in one day with other prophylactic vaccinations inactivated preparations or at intervals after the last inoculation not less than 1 month.

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