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Name of the preparation: CHAGA (INONOTUS OBLIQUUS)

Active substance: inonotus obliguus

Type: Phytomedication with restorative and immunostimulating action

Manufacturer: Ф�ТОФАРМ ПКФ (Russia)
Description of the active substance:
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A remedy is from a phytopathogenic fungus of an inonotus of a chamfer (a trumpet is oblique, a trumpet is oblique), which develops in the form of growths on trunks of birch.
The main active ingredients are pigments forming a chromogenic polyphenolcarbon complex (20%) in combination with polysaccharides (6-8%), agaricic and humic-like chag acids. Tonic effect on the central nervous system and immunomodulatory properties provide an increase in the body's resistance to hypoxia and other adverse effects. The presence of copper, manganese, cobalt provides a stimulating effect on hematopoiesis, especially on leukopoiesis. Preparations of birch fungus have a gastroprotective effect, normalize the functions of the digestive glands. The increase in the functional activity of the immune system, especially the function of natural killer cells, apparently determines the antitumor properties of the birch fungus.
Dyskinesia of the gastrointestinal tract due to hypotonic type, peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum, chronic gastritis;
asthenic conditions, cachexia, postoperative period, prolonged immunosuppressive therapy.
Is taken internally.
The course of treatment is 1-5 months. If necessary, the course of treatment is repeated after a 7-10-day break.
Possible: allergic reactions.

Hypersensitivity to birch fungus preparations.

When treating with birch fungus preparations, a dairy-vegetable diet is shown with the exception of canned food, spicy seasonings, animal fats.
Contraindicated the use of penicillin, iv injection of dextrose.
It is possible to use in complex therapy for tumor diseases to improve the processes of hematopoiesis and digestion.

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