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Active substance: homeopathic

Number: LSR-001303/10
Tablets 1 tab.
Apis mellifica (honey bee) D4 10 mg
Cinnabaris (Hydrargyrum sulfide rubrum) (Mercury sulfide red) D3 5 mg
Echinacea (Echinacea) D2 30 mg

Hepar sulfuris (Liver sulfuric according to Hahnemann) D3 10 mg

Kalium bichromicum (Potassium dichromate) D8 30 mg

Lachesis mutus (Bushmeister sulukuku (venom)) D8 10 mg

Luffa operculata (Luff's laxative) D4 60 mg

Mercurius bijodatus (Mercury diiodide) D9 70 mg

Silicea (Silicic acid) D2 5 mg

Euspongia officinalis (Sponge Greek) D6 10 mg

Excipients: magnesium stearate 1 mg, corn starch 7.5 mg, lactose monohydrate.

10 pieces.
- blisters (4) - packs of cardboard.
The information is provided for your information, do not self-medicate, it is dangerous for your health.
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