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Active substance: nonappropriate

Type: Immunostimulating drug

Manufacturer: BIOMED them.
I. I. Mechnikov (Russia)
Typical clinico-pharmacological article
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Immunostimulating agent.
In immunodeficiency states, it improves the quantitative and functional indices of the T-system of immunity: normalizes the ratio of T- and B-lymphocytes.
- immunodeficiency states in adult patients with a predominant defeat of the T-system of immunity against the background of infectious, purulent and septic processes, lymphoproliferative diseases (lymphogranulomatosis, lymphocytic leukemia).

The drug is administered p / to 1 time / day (at night) at a dose of 40 mcg / m 2 of the body surface for 5-7 days.
If necessary, treatment can be repeated.
With persistent impairment of immunity, the drug is administered in the same doses for 5-6 days, then 1 time every 7-10 days.

For treatment of surgical patients the drug is administered within 2 days before the operation and within 3 days after it.

With lymphoproliferative diseases, the drug is administered before and, if necessary, in the intervals between courses of antitumor therapy.

For treatment of recurrent ophthalmoherpes, the dose is 10 Ојg / m 2 / day, with an interval of 1 day, for 14 days.
The course of treatment is repeated after 4-6 months.
For the prevention of persistently recurring ophthalmoherpes in the period usually preceding the time of onset of relapse, inject every 3 to 6 months at 25-50 Ојg;course of treatment - 5 injections every other day.

Provocation of hyperimmune cytolysis.
Exacerbation of purulent infections.

- Atopic bronchial asthma;

- Pregnancy.

The use of the drug is contraindicated in pregnancy.

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