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Product name: PANATUS (PANATUS)

Active substance: butamirate

Type: antitussive drug

Manufacturer: KRKA (Slovenia)
Description of the active substance:
This information is a reference and it is not enough that the drug has been prescribed by a doctor ..

Antitussive remedy of central action.
It has no significant effect on the respiratory center. It also has a moderate bronchodilator, expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect.
Has a high absorption.
Cmax after ingestion of 150 mg of butamirate in the form of a syrup is achieved after 1.5 hours and is 6.4 Ојg / ml, and when administered 50 mg in the form of a depot tablets, respectively, 9 hours and 1.4 Ојg / ml.
T 1/2 for syrup - 6 hours, for depot tablets - 13 hours.

Do not cumulate.
It is excreted by the kidneys in the form of metabolites.
Strong cough of different etiology, incl.
in the preoperative and postoperative period, with pertussis.
Adults inside - 5 mg 3-4 times / day.
A single dose for iv administration is 10-20 mg. The daily dose at the / m introduction - up to 50 mg.
The dose for children depends on the age.

Rarely: exanthema, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, allergic reactions.

Hypersensitivity to butamirate, I trimester of pregnancy, lactation (breastfeeding), children under 2 months (for drops), up to 3 years (for syrup), up to 12 years (for depot tablets).

Butamirate is contraindicated for use in the first trimester of pregnancy and during lactation (breastfeeding).
In the II and III trimesters of pregnancy, butarate is used with caution, only in those cases where the expected therapeutic effect for the mother exceeds the potential risk to the fetus.
Contraindication: children under 2 months (for drops), up to 3 years (for syrup), up to 12 years (for depot tablets).

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