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Name of the preparation: QUINTASOL (QUNTASOL)

Active substance: comb.
Type: Preparation for rehydration and detoxification for parenteral use

Manufacturer: BIOSINTEZ (Russia) BIOTEK group MFPPK (Russia)
Composition, form of production and packaging
Solution for infusions is
transparent, colorless.

1 l

Sodium Chloride 5.26 g

potassium chloride 370 mg

calcium chloride 280 mg

magnesium chloride 140 mg

Sodium acetate 4.1 g

which is equivalent to the content:

Na + 140 mmol

K + 5 mmol

Ca 2+ 2.5 mmol

Mg 2 + 1.5 mmol

Cl - 103.3 mmol

CH 3 COO 50 mmol

200 ml - bottles for blood substitutes.

400 ml - bottles for blood substitutes.


Description of the drug approved by the manufacturer for the printed edition of 2005.


The drug for correction of water-electrolyte balance and metabolic acidosis.

It relieves metabolic acidosis, normalizes the acid-base state, stabilizes water metabolism and electrolyte blood composition.

The cationic composition of the solution and the content of chloride ions correspond to the electrolyte composition of the blood plasma.
The acetate ion is rapidly metabolized to form bicarbonate.

The ions K + , Na + , Mg 2+ , Ca 2+ are not kept for long in the vascular bed, they are quickly distributed across all tissues.
They are excreted in the urine, in small amounts - with feces, then, with tears.

As a component of infusion therapy for:

- complex treatment of shock;

- thermal injury;

- Acute blood loss;

- hypotonic and isotonic forms of hypohydration;

- metabolic acidosis;

- Conduction of plasmapheresis.

To correct the water-electrolyte balance at:

- acute diffuse peritonitis;

- intestinal obstruction;

- intestinal fistula.

To correct dehydration and metabolic acidosis in intestinal infections.


The drug is injected / drip.
The daily dose for adults is 5-20 ml / kg of body weight, if necessary, the daily dose can be increased to 30-40 ml / kg of body weight. The rate of administration is 60-80 drops / min, jetting is allowed.
The daily dose for children is 5-10 ml / kg of body weight, the rate of administration is 30-60 drops / min.

When carrying out plasmapheresis Quintasol is administered in a double volume compared to the removed plasma (1200-2400 ml) in combination with colloidal solutions in the case of pronounced hypovolemia.


When applied according to the indications in the recommended doses, no side effect was noted.


- alkalosis;

- hypertonic dehydration;

- cardiovascular failure and other conditions in which the introduction of a large amount of fluid (heart failure, cerebral edema) is not indicated;

- Hypersensitivity to the drug.


Safety and effectiveness of the drug during pregnancy and lactation are not established.


In the treatment of severe hypovolemia, a combination of Quintasol with colloidal solutions, as well as blood and its components is recommended.


Data on the overdose of Quintasol are currently not available.


Drug interaction of the drug has not been studied.


The drug should be stored in a dry place inaccessible to children at a temperature of 10 В° to 25 В° C.
Freezing the drug and non-wetting of the inner surface of the bottles is not a contraindication to the use of the drug. Shelf life - 2 years.
Conditions of leave from pharmacies

The drug is released by prescription.

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