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Active substance: nonappropriate

Type: Immunostimulating drug

Manufacturer: Б�ОНОКС НПП (Russia)
Composition, form of production and packaging
Spray nasal dosed
1 dose

arginyl-alpha-aspartyl-lysyl-valyl-tyrosyl-arginine 50 Ојg

40 doses - plastic bottles with a dispenser (1) - packs cardboard.


Description of the drug approved by the manufacturer for the printed edition of 2010.


The drug has an immunoregulatory, detoxicating, hepatoprotective effect and causes inactivation of free radical and peroxide compounds.
Pharmacological action is based on the achievement of 3 main effects: correction of the immune system, restoration of the balance of the oxidative-antioxidant reaction of the organism and inhibition of multiple drug resistance mediated by proteins of the transmembrane transport pump of the cell.
The drug begins to develop within 2-3 hours (fast phase) and lasts up to 4 months (medium and slow phases).

During the fast phase (duration - up to 2-3 days), first of all, a detoxification effect is manifested - the antioxidant defense of the body is enhanced by stimulating the production of ceruloplasmin, lactoferrin, catalase activity;
the drug normalizes lipid peroxidation, inhibits the disintegration of cell membrane phospholipids, and the synthesis of arachidonic acid, followed by a decrease in blood cholesterol and the production of inflammatory mediators. With toxic and infectious liver damage, the drug prevents cytolysis, reduces the activity of transaminases and the level of bilirubin in the blood serum.
During the middle phase (beginning 2-3 days, duration - up to 7-10 days), there is an intensification of the reactions of phagocytosis and death of intracellular bacteria and viruses.

During the slow phase (starts to develop for 7-10 days, duration of up to 4 months), the immunoregulatory effect of the drug manifests itself - restoration of the disturbed parameters of cellular and humoral immunity.
During this period, the restoration of the immunoregulatory index is observed, an increase in the production of specific antibodies is noted. The effect of the drug on the production of specific antiviral and antibacterial antibodies is equivalent to the action of therapeutic vaccines. Unlike the latter, the drug does not significantly affect the production of reactive IgE antibodies and does not enhance the immediate-type hypersensitivity reaction. Imunofan stimulates the formation of IgA in its congenital insufficiency.
Imunofan effectively suppresses the multiple drug resistance of tumor cells and increases their sensitivity to the action of chemotherapeutic drugs.


- used in adults and children over 2 years for the prevention and treatment of immunodeficient and toxic conditions, acute and chronic infections and inflammatory diseases.


When using the bottle, hold it upright with a spray gun. Remove the protective cap from the sprayer. Before the first use, fill the dosing pump by pressing on the wide rim of the sprayer 3-4 times. Insert the nebulizer into the nasal passage with the vertical position of the head. Press the wide rim of the spray gun a single time until it stops. In one dose of the drug contains 50 mcg imunofana. The daily dose should not exceed 200 mcg.
In the complex therapy of acute and chronic infectious-vospitalnyh diseases, accompanied by symptoms of intoxication and immunodeficiency , Imunofan is prescribed 1 dose (50 mcg) in each nasal passage 2 times / day, daily for 10-15 days.

For opportunistic infections (cytomegalovirus and herpetic infection, toxoplasmosis, chlamydia, pneumocystis, cryptosporidiosis):

- 1 dose (50 mcg) in each nasal passage 2 times / day, daily, treatment course 10-15 days.
If necessary, it is possible to repeat the course in 2-4 weeks.
In chronic viral hepatitis and chronic brucellosis :

- 1 dose (50 mcg) in each nasal passage 1 time / day, daily, the course of treatment is 10-15 days, in order to prevent relapse, repeat courses should be conducted after 4-6 months.

In the scheme of treatment of patients with HIV infection :

- 1 dose (50 mcg) in each nasal passage 1 time / day, daily, for 10-15 days.
If necessary, it is possible to repeat the course in 2-4 weeks.
In the treatment of cancer patients in the scheme of radical combined treatment (chemoradiotherapy and surgery):

- 1 dose (50 mcg) to each nasal passage 1 time / day, daily, for 8-10 days before chemotherapy and surgery followed by continuation of the course throughout the treatment period.

In patients with a common tumor process (III-IV stage), different localization in terms of complex or symptomatic therapy:

- 1 dose (50 mcg) in each nasal passage 1 time / day, daily, for 8-10 days.
If necessary and the presence of severe toxicosis is recommended to re-conduct the course.

Individual intolerance is possible.


- Children's age up to 2 years;

- Hypersensitivity.


Due to insufficient knowledge, it should be used with caution in pregnancy and lactation.


Contraindicated in children up to 2 years.


As a result of the activation of phagocytosis, a short-term exacerbation of foci of chronic inflammation, supported by the persistence of viral or bacterial antigens, is possible.


Increases the effectiveness of other types of drug therapy: the use of imunofan contributes to overcome resistance to GCS therapy.
The administration of imunofan is possible in combination with GCS and NSAIDs.

The drug is released by prescription.


The drug is stored in a dark place at a temperature of 2 В° C to 10 В° C, in places inaccessible to children.
Shelf life - 2 years. It is not recommended to use the drug after the expiry date indicated on the package.
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