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Active substance: gallium (67 Ga) citrate

Type: Diagnostic drug.
Radioisotope for scintigraphy
Manufacturer: Medradiopreparat plant Federal State Unitary Enterprise Medbioextrem FU (Russia)
Description of the active substance:
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It is a chemical compound of sodium citric acid with radionuclide Ga-67 in the form of a sterile solution with pH = 5-6. The 67 Ga isotope with a half-life of 78.26 h emits gamma quanta with decays of 0.091 (3%) MeV, 0.093 (37%) MeV, 0.185 (20.7%) MeV, 0.209 (2.3%) MeV, 0.300 (16.6%) MeV , 0.393 (4.6%) MeV.
Actively accumulates in primary and metastatic malignant neoplasms, as well as in the foci of the nonspecific inflammatory process, which makes it possible to use it for diagnostic purposes.

For the diagnosis of systemic malignant lymphoproliferative diseases (lymphogranulomatosis, Beck's sarcoidosis), primary and metastatic lung tumors, soft tissue sarcoma.

Enter iv in the calculation of 1.5-2.0 MBq / kg body weight.
Scintigraphic examination is carried out 24-48 hours after the administration of gallium citrate. The criterion for a positive conclusion about the pathological hyperfixation of the drug in individual parts of the organs and tissues under investigation is the coefficient of differential accumulation of more than 1.3 relative to the areas with normal accumulation within one or a pair organ.
Radiation loads on the organs and the entire body of the patient (MEV / MBK): red bone marrow - 0.12, ovaries - 0.09, testes 0.05, liver 0.11, kidney 0.11, bladder 0.06, skeleton 0.32, whole body (effective equivalent dose) - 0.1.
The critical organ is the red bone marrow.
Side effect is not revealed.

General clinical contraindications for the use of radionuclide studies.

Gallium citrate should be stored in accordance with the "Basic Sanitary Rules for Ensuring Radiation Safety".

Gallium citrate is released only in specialized radioisotope treatment and diagnostic institutions.

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