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Product name: VAZELIN (VASELIN)

Active substance: paraffin, white soft

Type: The drug with dermatoprotective and skin-softening action

Manufacturer: САМАРАМЕДПРОМ (Russia)
Description of the active substance:
This information is a reference and it is not enough that the drug has been prescribed by a doctor ..

Means for external use.
Paraffin white soft (Vaseline) has a protective effect on the skin. In the appropriate dosage form it has a beneficial effect on the wound processes, accelerating the healing.
To protect the wound surface in case of skin damage, softening of the skin, to facilitate the conduct of medical procedures (before setting the cans, for injecting an enema tip or a gas outlet tube into the rectum).

Individual, depending on the indications and the dosage form used.

Possible: allergic reactions in the application area.

Hypersensitivity to petroleum jelly.

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