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Active substance: BCG vaccine

Type: Vaccine for the prevention of tuberculosis

Manufacturer: MEDGAMAL (branch of the Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology named after NF Gamalei RAMS GU) (Russia)
Description of the active substance:
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The vaccine is a living mycobacterium vaccine strain BCG, which when multiplied in the body of the vaccinated lead to the development of long-term immunity to tuberculosis.

Specific prevention of tuberculosis.

The vaccine is administered strictly intradermally in accordance with the adopted vaccination schedule.

The site of administration of the vaccine is prohibited from applying bandages, treatment with iodine or other disinfectant solutions.

Rarely: local allergic reactions.

If the technique of administering the vaccine is disturbed (subcutaneous administration), a cold abscess may form.

For vaccination: premature infants (birth weight less than 2500 g);
acute diseases; exacerbation of chronic diseases; immunodeficiency status (primary); malignant neoplasms; generalized BCG infection, found in other children in the family; HIV infection in the mother.
For revaccination: acute infectious and non-infectious diseases;
exacerbation of chronic diseases (including allergic); immunodeficiency states; Malignant blood diseases and neoplasms; patients with tuberculosis, persons who have had tuberculosis and infected with mycobacteria; positive and questionable Mantoux reaction with 2 TE purified tuberculin - protein-free purified derivative Linnikova (PPD-L); complicated reactions to previous administration of BCG vaccine (including keloid scar, lymphadenitis).
Contraindications for vaccination: premature infants (birth weight less than 2500 g);
generalized BCG infection, found in other children in the family; HIV infection in the mother.
When using immunosuppressants and radiation therapy, the vaccine is given 6 months after the end of treatment.

After an acute illness is transferred or if there is a remission for a chronic disease, a revaccination is carried out after 1 month.

In contact with infectious patients in the family, children's institution, vaccinations are carried out at the end of the quarantine period or the maximum period of the incubation period for this disease.

Other prophylactic vaccinations can be given at intervals of at least 1 month before and after BCG revaccination.

Persons temporarily released from vaccinations should be monitored and recorded and vaccinated after full recovery or withdrawal of contraindications.
If necessary, conduct appropriate clinical and laboratory tests.
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