Semaks (semaxum)

SEMAKS (Semaxum).
     Synthetic peptide compounds containing amino acid residues 7 (4-10) of the molecule adrenokortikotropnogo hormone (comprising 39 amino acid residues).
     Stylish home product.
     It has hormone (adrenokortikotropnoy) activity, but has activator (nootropic, adaptogennoe) effect on the central nervous system. The drug improves memory facilitates analysis, increases the body's resistance to hypoxia, beneficial impact on patients with violations of cerebral circulation, helps to restore neurological function post-stroke.
     An application for intellectual mnesticheskih violations vascular disorders in the brain, while recovering brain trauma and neurosurgical intervention, and treatment of Pichinde different genesis, for adaptation to extreme conditions, with neuritis.
     Assign route (in the form of nose drops). This method of preparation is well absorbed (up to 60-70% in terms of the active substance).
     Enter 2-3 drops (no more) in each half of the nose 2-3 times a day at intervals of 4-5 h during the 3-5 (up to 14) days. If necessary, increase the dose, burying repeated at intervals of 10-15 minutes.
     The drug is contraindicated in acute psychiatric disorders involving anxiety, and the endocrine system diseases.
     Product : 0.1% solution (for nose drops) in flakonah- looks to 3 ml.
     Storage : List B. With the temperature from 8 to 10 ° C.

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