Lead acetate (plumbum aceticum)

LEAD ATSETAT (Plumbum aceticum).
     Synonym: Plumbum aceticum.
     Colorless transparent crystals with weak vinegar odor. Soluble 2, 5 of the cold and 0.5 parts boiling water.
     Apply externally in the form of aqueous solutions (0,25 - 0,5%) as a binder in inflammatory diseases of the skin and mucous membranes.
     Storage: List B. The well ukuporennyh banks.
     Water Lead (A and R lumbi qu). Lead primochka. It consists of two parts solution of lead acetate, 98 parts water. Slightly troubled liquid alkalescent reaction. Prepare ex t e mpore. After cooking solution bottle immediately ukuporivayut well as under the influence of acid air drug mixed.
     Assign externally for tools and packing.
     R p. : Sol. Tatis R lumbi ACE 0.25% 50 ml
     D.S. Embrocation eye
     Rp. : 10.0 Plumbi acetatis
     Aq. destill. mI 100
     M.D.S. At 2 tsp in a mug of water (for pregnancies)
     Rp. : Aq. plumbi
     Aq. destill. aa 50 ml
     Ac. borici 2 0
     M.D.S. Embrocation (in sycosis)

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