Ftorbenzotef (phthorbenzotephum)

FTORBENZOTEF (Phthorbenzotephum). A N-S's e-Ftorb nzoil- N ', N-di (ethylene) - triamid phosphoric acid. White powder melkokristallichesky odourless. Slowly soluble in water (1:15), isotonic sodium chloride solution, alcohol. Water and water spirit solutions atmospheric quickly; when heated product destroyed. Solutions to prepare ex tempore in aseptic conditions.
     By building and mechanism of close to benzotefu.
     Apply in gipernefroidnom kidney cancer with metastases in ploskokletochnom Cancer Foundation, in the form of flat leykoplaky oral mucosa and erozivnym heylite.
     The product is produced in vials of 40 mg (0.04 g). Just before use dissolve the contents of the vial in 1 mL of 95% alcohol, and then add 19 ml of sterile isotonic sodium chloride solution.
     Intravenous impose an adult dose of 40 mg a day. The total dose set individually depending on the efficiency and portability. Usually dose of treatment is 400-600 mg (some dose can be increased).
     The product also can be entered directly into the tumor; This alcohol solution (1 ml), diluted 10 mL, sterile isotonic sodium chloride solution.
     Repeated treatments through a 3 - 4 weeks after the complete restoration of blood picture.
     In flat form leykoplakii oral mucosa and erozivnom heylite using electrophoresis ftorbenzotefa: 40 mg drug dissolve first in 1 mL of 95% alcohol, then add 10 ml isotonic sodium chloride solution. Dose of procedure 2, 5 ml.
     The course of treatment 20 to 25 sessions.
     Possible side effects, precautions and contraindications basically the same as when applying benzotefa.
     Form release: in the hermetically ukuporennyh vials of 0.04 g (40 mg).
     Storage: List A. In a cool place (not above  + 10 C).

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