Fentolamin (phentolaminum)

FENTOLAMIN (Phentolaminum). 2-[N-parameter tolil-N- (meta oksifenil) - aminometil] - imidazolina hydrochloride.
     Synonyms: Regitin, Dibasin, Phentolamine, Regitine, Rogitine.
     Make a fentolamina hydrochloride (R hentolamini hydrochloridum).
     White or slightly white crystalline powder. Malorastvorim water, it is difficult to alcohol.
     Fentolamin is a synthetic compound, one of the main representatives of a modern-adrenoblokatorov. The product provides a-adrenoblokiruyuschee Indiscriminate Effects, affecting both postsinapticheskie a 1-and presinapticheskie a 2-Adrenergic.
     The basis for a fentolamina, as well as other a-adrenoblokatorov, as a medicinal substance is blocking effect on the transfer adrenergic sosudosuzhivayuschih impulses, leading to the withdrawal of cramps and increased peripheral vascular, especially arterioles and prekapillyarov, improve blood circulation in muscles, skin, mucous membranes ; also going down blood pressure.
     Apply fentolamin with peripheral circulatory disorders (Reino disease, endarteriit, akrotsianoz primary stage ateroskleroticheskoy gangrene), the treatment of trophic ulcers limbs, weak healing wounds, bedsores, otmorozheny, and feohromotsitome.
     There are indications that other fentolamin a-adrenoblokatory (pirroksan) increase insulin secretion, which can be helpful in patients with diabetes increased secretion adrenaline.
     Assign fentolamina hydrochloride inwards in the form of tablets: adults to 0.05 g, 0,025 g for children 3 to 4 times a day (after eating); In more severe cases, dose increase to 0.1 g (adults) 3 - 5 times a day. The course of treatment still 3 to 4 weeks.
     In applying fentolamina, as well as other a-adrenoblokatorov, please note that overdose can lead to ortostaticheskogo collapse.
     In connection with indiscriminate effects, with a 2-blockade adrenoretseptorov when applying fentolamina there tachycardia, may also dizziness, skin redness and itching, inflammation nasal mucosa, sometimes nausea and vomiting, diarrhoea. These phenomena are in dose reduction or interruption in receiving the drug.
     The product contraindications to sudden changes of organic heart and vessels.
     Forms of fentolamina hydrochloride: powder and pills to 0,025 g (25 mg).
     Storage: List B. In sheltered from the world scene.
     R p. : Ta b. Lamini hydrochloridi Phent of 0,025 N. 30
     D. S. At one tablet three times a day (after eating)
  3 and overseas fentolamin (Methanesulfonate) issued in the ampoule injection. Injection preperat apply to PNDS crises, violations of peripheral blood circulation. Separate data on the introduction of intravenous drug (10 mg in 20 ml isotonic sodium chloride solution; The speed of 1, 3 mg per minute or kapelno to 10 mg / h) as a peripheral vazodilatatora in acute heart failure and hypertension in acute heart attack during Chavez '. It should, however, take into account the possibility of developing tachycardia.
     There is evidence of the use of fentolamina atrioventrikulyarnoy blockade in children '. The product is appointed in dose to 1 mg / kg per day (4 admission). Witnessed a positive effect, especially when expressed arrythmia.

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