Panangin (panangin)

PANANGIN (Panangin) *.
     The preparation, containing potassium and magnesium asparaginat asparaginat. Available in the form of pills and capsules. One pills containing 0,158 grams of potassium asparaginata (36 with 2 mg of potassium ions) and 0.14 g magnesium asparaginata (11, 8 mg magnesium ions); One vials (10 mL) containing potassium asparaginata 0,452 (103, 3 mg potassium ions) and 0.4 g magnesium asparaginata (33, 7 mg magnesium ions).
     Applied with heart arrhythmia caused mainly electro violations, primarily gipokaliemiey.
     It is estimated that asparaginat transmitting potassium and magnesium ions and promote their entry into the intracellular space. In the cells, asparaginat involved in the process of metabolism. Magnesium Ion promote therapeutic effects of the drug.
     The drug shows rhythm of the violations related to drug intoxication lapidary in epileptic scintillation predserdy, newly ventricular arrythmia.
     When violations rhythm with atrioventrikulyarnoy blockade appoint medication is not recommended.
     Panangin used in the treatment of coronary insufficiency (available under the influence of reducing drug violations hypoxic metabolism attacks of worsening coronary blood flow) and gipokaliemii caused by salureticheskih funds.
     Assign inside usually 1 - 2 pills three times a day, but more severe cases (in violation of the coronary circulation, intolerances lapidary products, etc.) to 3 pills 3 times a day. After 2 to 3 weeks to reduce the dose pills 1 2 - 3 times a day. In light of cases appointed as soon as Bean 1 2 - 3 times a day. After taking food.
     For cupping the EMS solution panangina injected, which manage content capsules 1 (10 ml) of 20 - 30 ml isotonic sodium chloride solution, or 5% glucose solution and enter slowly in the veins, or to throw out the contents of 1 - 2 vials 250-500 ml isotonic solution of sodium chloride or 5% glucose solution and give non-drip. If necessary, you can add the solution strofantina or other cardiac glycosides.
     In applying the drug may nausea, dizziness (in giving vein). Patients, complaints about dizziness, reduce dose.
     The drug is contraindicated in acute and chronic kidney insufficiency and giperkaliemii.
     Produced in Hungary.

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