Oksilidin (oxylidinum)

Oksilidin (Oxylidinum). 3-Benzoiloksihinuklidina hydrochloride :
     Synonyms : Benzoclidini hydrochloridum, Benzoclidine hydrochloride.
     The white crystalline powder. The easily soluble in water, soluble in alcohol. Aqueous solutions (pH 3, 8, 5, 5) storage racks.
     Oksilidin has a soothing effect. It reduces anxiety CNS, magnifies the effect of sleeping pills, narcotic, and analgeziruyuschih mestnoanesteziruyuschih funds. In addition, moderate to antihypertensive activity.
     In mechanism sedative effect drugs play a role reduce lability cortical neurons and blocking effects on the brain stem structures formations. Relaxation of the body skeletal muscles oksilidin is.
     Anti-hypertensive effect associated with dependence properties, reducing excitability sosudodvigatelnyh points, and moderate ganglioblokiruyuschim adrenolytic action.
     Oksilidin malotoksichen. Well absorbed by oral and parenteral application.
     Assign oksilidin with nerezko expressed anxiety depressive states, particularly in cases of cerebral circulation disorders (hypertension, atherosclerosis with brain injuries), as well as neurotic and anxiety-depressive neurosis of different genesis (neuroses, Psychopathy, tsiklotimii and others. ).
     Good portability products, the lack of depth and miorelaksantnogo sedative effect of applying oksilidin not only in a hospital, and outpatient treatment, to appoint him to the elderly.
     The effect of sedative drugs can appoint him with hypertension, especially in the early stages (I and II). Improvements were also in patients with cerebral circulation irregularities associated with hypertensive disease and cerebral atherosclerosis. Influenced oksilidina improved cerebral blood circulation.
     When parenteral introduction oksilidin pain hypertensive crises.
     The drug use inside, under the skin or intramuscularly. Method of and dose dependent on the nature and severity of disease, treatment, etc.
     Inside appoint 0.02 g per reception 3 to 4 times a day; Then a single dose increased from 0.06 g, and the daily 0.2-to 0.3 grams (4-6 tablets of 0.05 g). If necessary daily dose can be increased to 0.5 g.
     Under the skin, and the first to introduce intramuscularly 1 ml 2% solution (0.02 g) : single dose can be increased to 1 to 2 ml of 5% solution (0,05 - 0,1 g), a day-to-4 6 5 ml % solution; Injection to 2 times a day.
     In milder forms of disease and as maintenance therapy oksilidin appointed interior. In the hospital can begin by subcutaneous or intramuscular injection; At the same time or later appointed drug inside. Upon reaching the therapeutic effect restricted to accepting drugs inside. In PNDS crises immediately impose intramuscular injection (1 to 2 ml of 5% solution).
     The duration of treatment ranged from 15 to 30 days to two months or more. Courses of treatment can be repeated. Cumulative phenomena have been observed.
     In an experiment found antiaritmicheskoe oksilidina effect. In clinical application of medicine has effect in sinusovoy tachycardia and arrhythmia, paroxysmal tachycardia.
     Oksilidin well tolerated. In some cases, when administered were dry mouth, slight nausea. When parenteral sometimes can be a sense of light intoxication, in rare instances, there are skin deterioration. These phenomena are usually alone and do not require the termination of treatment, more sustainable cases make short break to treat or reduce the dose of the drug.
     Oksilidin contraindicated in violation expressed hypotension and renal function.
     Method of production : tablets of 0.02 and 0.05 g (20 and 50 mg); 2% and 5% solution of 1 ml ampoules.
     Storage : List B. In the dark spot.
     R p. : Tab. Oxylidini 0.05 N. 100
     D.S. At one tablet three times a day
     Rp. : Sol. Oxylidini 2% 1 ml
     D.t.d. N. in ampull 10.
     S. At 1 ml 2 times a day intramuscularly

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