Warm dipropionate (oestradioli dipropionas)

ESTRADIOLA DIPROPIONAT (Oestradioli dipropionas).
     Estratrien-1, 3, 5 (10) - diol - 3, 17 g dipropionate.
     Synonyms: Estradiola propionat, Dimenformon dipropionate, Diogyn DP, Diovocyclin, Estradiol diproplonate, Estradioli dlpropionas, Oestradiolum dipropionicum, Ovocyclin dipropionate, Progynon DP, Synformon.
     The white crystalline powder. Almost nerastvorim in water, soluble in alcohol difficult and vegetable oils.
     Estradiol is produced in the body, women with estronom; Greater estrogennoy activity. Activity 1 mg estradiola benzoata with 10,000 ED.
     In a esters (benzoata or dipropianata) estradiol few breaks in the tissues of the body. Ethers estradiola slow gradually, and have made long-term effects on the body; They can therefore impose relatively rare, with large intervals between injections.
     Estradiola dipropionate has a strong, slow and prolonged oestrogenic effect.
     The main evidence for a match with such drugs for estrona.
     In addition, estradiola dipropionate used as a means gemostimuliruyuschego men with acute radiation defeat. The product has the ability to increase the number of cells (neutrophil) and accelerate the restoration of the number of mielodepressii associated with radiation damage.
     Estradiola dipropionate impose intramuscularly. With insufficient ovarian function using 0.1% solution in the oil for 1 1 ml every 3 to 5 days.
     Scheme and the duration of treatment depends on the nature of the disease, therapeutic effectiveness, etc. (see Estron).
     Contraindications are the same as for estrona.
     As gemostimuliruyuschego means estradiola dipropionate applied to reduce the number of cells below 2000 in one whole blood (usually 10-20 days after exposure, with heavy losses, and 15-18 days, with a light defeat). Enter 1 ml of 0.1% solution through 1 - 2 days. The course is 10 injections (if necessary - to 15 injections).
     Form release: 0.1% solution (1 mg) in oil in 1 ml ampoule.
     Storage: List B. In a cool, sheltered from the world scene.
     Rp. : Sol. Oestradioli dipropionatis oleosae 1 ml 0.1%
     D.t.d. N. in ampull 6.
     S. At 1 ml muscle
     Klimakterin (Climakterin) *. Combined product. Contains one tablet (Bean) estradiola benzoata 25 ED, from the ovaries of powder 30 mg, teobromina and 0,025 grams of caffeine, nitroglycerin 0.0002 g, 0,006 g phenolphthalein, calcium phosphate 0,004 city
     Angionevroticheskih apply to events occurring in the menopausal period.
     Assign 1 - 2 Bean 2 - 3 times a day.
     Form release: Bean in a package of 50 pieces.
     Storage: List B.

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