Nicotine (nicotinum)

NIKOTIN (Nicotinum).
     3-(1 - Methyl temperatures) pyridine.
     Alkaloid contained in the leaves of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum). Has incentive effects on the central and peripheral n holinoreaktivnye system. When smoking absorbed and provides a number of n-holinostimuliruyuschih effects to involuntary smoking tobacco.
     As LS nicotine use is not. However, in recent years found that if the body in small doses in the form of medicines, it can facilitate the withdrawal from smoking. Previously, the property was found in other gangliostimuliruyuschih alkaloids (lobelina, tsitizina, anabazina).
     The mechanism of these alkaloids due to their ability to communicate with n-holinoretseptorami, preventing linking past with nicotine.
     Currently, nicotine in the form of chewing elastic (for 0,002 and 0,004 g) and a solution for inhalation (kartridzhi- inhalers to 0.01 g), entitled "Nikorette" and transdermalnyh therapeutic systems "Nikotinell TTS is used as a tool to facilitate the withdrawal from smoking.
     Applied to 1 gum tablets every 1-2 hours (up to 15 a day, elastic) for a period of 3 months to 1 year; Tarpaulin placed on the skin, usually starting with TTS 10 (10 sq. km. Cm). at day. The course of treatment to 3 months.

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