Lapidary (purpurovaya and krupnotsvetkovaya)

NAPERSTYANKA (purpurovaya and krupnotsvetkovaya).
     Lapidary purpurovaya (Digitalis purpurea L.), herewith. norichnikovyh (Scr op hularia a semester e), two herbaceous plant, which is home to Western Europe; in our country into the culture. Pharmacopoeia allows for a par with her lapidary krupnotsvetkovuyu (Digitalis grandiflora Mill. , Syn. Digitalis ambigua Murr.) The same family; Growth in the European part of the country, in the North Caucasus, the Urals.
     Applied dried leaves lapidary (Folia Digitalis) and izgotov out of drugs. The leaves contain glycosides, saponins and other substances.
     In 1 g lapidary leaves contain 50 or 66 LED 10.3 12 6 KED. In storage, especially in adverse conditions, leaves less of an asset.
     Leaves lapidary purpurovaya contain a number of primary (or Hesse) glycosides (purpureaglikozidy A and B, etc.), losing in the drying and storage under the influence of enzymes and sugar molecules become WTO secondary glycosides, which are active substances drugs lapidary. The most important of the secondary-glycosides digitoksin feet and toxin-up of aglycones (digitoksigenin and gitoksigenin) and the three other defects sugar digitoksozy.
     Glycoside lapidary purpurovaya, especially digitoksin, are the most resistant in the body than other cardiac glycosides. They destroyed with little ingestion, and have in this kind of a pronounced therapeutic effect. Their full effect is usually develops after 8 to 12 hours after administration. They slowly removed from the body and are (especially digitoksin) a high degree of cumulation.
     Drugs lapidary appointed in all of serdech by chronic malnutrition (decompensation) of different origins : the successive central evils, koronarokardioskleroze, hypertension, heart distro sets, as well as in mertsatelnoy adults, paroxysmal before serdnoy, node (atrioventrikulyarnoy) tachycardia and other violations of heart rhythm .
     During treatment, care must be taken cardiovascular system and the overall condition of patients. When properly implemented, lapidary products shall be side effects. It should take into account the possibility of hypersensitivity individual patient.
     Length of drugs lapidary timing of the restoration of normal blood flow and heartbeat, normalize diureza, disappearances swells and a corresponding decrease in patient weight, improving sleep and general condition. Usually drugs lapidary take long.
     Depending on the severity of side effects is to reduce the dose or suspend intake. To reduce evolved toksi profit phenomena designate atropine, caffeine, potassium chloride, unitiol, when necessary, medication complications (see).
     The risk of cumulative effects should be taken into account not only in the application of the incentive package lapidary products, but the transition from receiving these drugs to other cardiac glycosides containing.
     In clinical practice using a leaf powder lapidary pour purovoy or krupnotsvetkovoy, individual glycosides (digitaksin etc.), as well as novogalenovye drugs (see Kordigit).
     Leaves lapidary purpurovaya powder (R ulvis foliorum Digitalis).
     Crumbled leaves, green powder. Activity LED 50-66-12 or 10.3, 6 KED in 1 year
     Adults usually designate the interior of 0.05-0.1 grams to receive 3 to 4 times a day. It may also be appointed in candlelight. After achieving the necessary effect (ischemia heart rate, increased diureza, a significant decrease in breathlessness) lower dose, individually choosing supportive. Children filled wares from 0,005 to 0,06 g per admission, depending on age.
     Higher doses for adults inside : single 0.1 g daily 0.5 g.
     Method of issuance : powder and tablets containing 0.05 grams of powder lapidary.
     Storage : powder remain with caution (list B) in malen ties, filled up, sealed and filled with paraffin ukuporennyh banks orange glass. Each bank indicated activity powder (actually the intervention in the ED 1 g).
     Water infusion of leaves lapidary (Infusum foliorum Digitalis) preparing a rate of 0.5 to 1 g leaves 180 ml of water.
     Assign adults usually on the cafeteria spoon 1 3 - 4 times a day. To prepare children infusion of 0.1 - 0.4 g per 100 ml; Allow 1 1 tea-spoon Deser rated 3 to 4 times a day. , President can be used in enema.
     R p. : Inf. fol. Digitalis 0,5:180 ml
     Sir. simpl. 20 ml
     M.D.S. At one dining spoon 3 to 4 times a day
     R p. : Ta b. f for l. Digitalis 0.05 N.20
     D.S. At one tablet 3 to 4 times a day
     R p. : Pulv. fol. Digitalis 0.05
     Sacchari 0.3
     M.f. p ulv.
     D.t.d. N. 12
     S. On January powder 3 - 4 times a day

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