Lizurid (lysuride)

LIZURID (Lysuride) *. 3 (9, 10-Didegidro-6- metilergolin 8-a-mud) -1, 1-dietilmochevina.
     Available as maleate.
     Synonyms : Lizenil, Lisenil, Lisenil, Lizenil, Lisuride, Lysenil, Mesorgydin, Prolacam.
     Semi drug ergolinovoy structure similar to LPV alkaloids (see).
     Has antiserotoninovoy activity.
     He also agonist dofamine receptors, and in this respect similar to bromokriptinu (see), also is ergolinovym derivatives.
     Lizurid applied for the treatment of migraine (mainly to prevent attacks). Reduces frequency and intensity of attacks.
     In connection with dofaminergicheskoy activity is effective to some extent in parkinsonizme (see Tools for treatment parkinsonizma) and the like bromokriptinu is used to treat akromegalii and giperprolaktinemicheskogo hypogonadism; After delays and pathological lactation.
     Assign inside tablets to 0,025 mg. If migraines and allergic diseases take one pill 2 - 3 times a day (with migraine-at the first signs of the coming attack).
     In giperprolaktinemii beginning with the 0.05 mg / day and then increased the dose of 0.05 mg / day every 3 days, bringing to 0.6 mg per day.
     In applying lizurida diarrhoeal phenomenon can be observed, drowsiness, tachycardia, lowering blood pressure.
     The drug has not expressed oksitotsicheskogo (breeding) actions, but not to appoint him pregnant. It should also appoint his patients with low blood pressure in the peripheral circulatory disorder, coronary heart disease, when expressed as a violation of liver and kidney.
     Product : tablets, containing 0,025 mg lizurida grounds.
     Storage : List B.

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