Lidaza (lydazum)

LIDAZA (Lydazum).
     The preparation containing enzyme gialuronidazu.
     Similar drugs are produced abroad under the title : Alidase, Hyalase, Hyalidase, Hyaluronidasum, Hyasa, Hyason, Hylase, Invasinum, Spredine, Widase and others.
     Slightly yellow or golden yellow porous mass. Easily rastvorima water.
     Hyaluronoglucosaminidase is an enzyme, a specific substrate which serves Hyaluronan acid. The latter is mukopolisaharidom, comprising atsetilglyukozamin and glyukuronovaya acid. Hyaluronan is a high viscosity; Its biological significance is primarily that it is a factor substances connective tissue.
     Hyaluronoglucosaminidase, or "the spread" is the disintegration of hyaluronic acid to glyukozamina glyukuronovoy acid and thereby reduces its viscosity. Hyaluronoglucosaminidase increases tissue permeability and facilitate the movement of fluids in mezhtkanevyh space.
     Hyaluronoglucosaminidase found in various tissues. The ratio of "Hyaluronan acid Hyaluronoglucosaminidase" largely regulated tissue permeability. AGAINST of various drugs (salitsilatov, derivatives pirazolona, AKTG, glucocorticoids, steroids, etc.), partly due to their ability to reduce gialuronidazy activity. Instead, certain substances that increase permeability (such as honey and snake poison), in part because of the presence of gialuronidazy.
     Step gialurotsidazy was reversible. In reducing its viscosity of hyaluronic acid restored. Thus, Hyaluronoglucosaminidase can be used to reduce the viscosity of hyaluronic acid.
     Drugs containing gialuronidazu (lidaza and ronidaza) from the testes of cattle.
     Lidaza a specially purified product suitable for parenteral (subcutaneous, intramuscular), and inhalation use.
     Dried powder or porous mass or porous mass compacted in the pill, with a bright color beige shade. The easily soluble in water.
     Drug activity expressed in conditional units (UE).
     Available in vials, ukuporennyh rubber plugs with aluminum caps containing 64 UE sterile substances.
     For injecting the contents of a bottle dissolve in 1 ml isotonic sodium chloride solution, or 1 ml of 0.5% solution of novocaine for inhalation in 5 ml isotonic sodium chloride solution.
     The main indications for use are lidazy contracture of joints, burns and scars after the operations ancylosing spondylitis, a bruised and others lidazy solution (1 ml) are introducing these cases near defeat by the skin or rubtsovo- modified tissue. Injections produce every day or two; Treatment consists of 6-10 - 15 and more injections. The beneficial effects seen softening scars, the emergence of the mobility of joints, remove or reduce contractures, resorption bruises; A more pronounced effect in the early stages of the pathological process. There is evidence of the effectiveness of the lidazy in patients with traumatic brain and peripheral nerve plexus (bruised shoulder pleksit after trauma mononevrit etc.). Diluted impose subcutaneously in the area affected nerve (64 UE solution in the solution novocaine) in a day; In the course of 12 - 15 injections. The course of treatment if necessary repeat.
     Describes the use lidazy with rheumatoid arthritis (in combination with anti-drugs) by electrophoresis : 64 UE lidazy dissolve in 30 ml of distilled water, add 4 to 5 drops of 0,1 said. the solution of hydrochloric acid and enter with bifurcated electrode (anode) two joints. The duration of the session 20 - 30 minutes; Course 10 - 15 sessions.
     In Ophthalmic Practice lidazu apply for a thinner scarring of the affected cornea to treat keratitis : buried 0.1% solution in conjunction with the use of antimicrobial drugs (sulfanilamidov, antibiotics). Enter also under the skin temple in retinopatiyah under conjunctival; Retrobulbarno in vitreous haemorrhage in the body. In recent haemorrhage lidazu not apply.
     Lidazu also appointed to expedite intake of medicines, imposed under the knife and intramuscularly (local anaesthetics, muscle Ward, izotonicheskie solutions, etc.)
     Patients with lung tuberculosis in the productive nature of inflammation lidazu appointed by injection and inhalation of adjuvant therapy, to improve the concentration of antimicrobial substances in the pockets of destruction. Inhalation spend every day on one occasion, using 5 ml (64 UE). The course of treatment consists of 20-25 inhalation.
     If necessary, conduct refresher courses in space 1, 5, 2 months.
     For injection using 1 ml (64 UE); Entering into the skin or intramuscularly every day or two; Treatment 10-20 injection.
     The drug is usually well sometimes may be allergic skin reaction.
     Contraindications to the use of : malignant neoplasms.
     Storage : in the dark place at a temperature no higher than  + 15C.

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