Lofenal (lophenalum)

LOFENAL (Lophenalum). para-[bis - (b-Chloroethane) - amino] - fenatsetil-D, L-Phenylalanine.
     White powder melkokristallichesky odourless. Almost nerastvorim water, easily soluble in alcohol.
     Lofenal a cytostatic drug, close to the chemical structure and action of chemotherapeutic sarkolizinu. Several smaller effect on blood.
     Applied with chlamydia, chronic lymphoblastic, ovarian cancer.
     Assign inside (daily after meals) in the form of tablets. Usual adult dose of 0.6 -1, 2 g per day (10 -20 mg / kg). Heading dose 30-1950
     Possible side effects and contraindications are the same as for other bis - (b-chloroethyl) - amines.
     Product : 0.3 grams of pills in a package of 100 pieces.
     Storage : List A. dry, the dark spot.

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