Lomefloksatsin (lomefloxacin)

LOMEFLOKSATSIN (Lomefloxacin).
     1-Ethyl-6, 8-diftor-1, 4-dihydro - (3-methyl piperazinil) -4 - oxo hinolinkarbonovaya acid.
     Synonyms : Lomfloks, Maksavin, Okatsin, Lomexid, Lomflox, Maxaquin, Ocacin.
     The white to pale yellow powder. A poorly soluble in water and almost nerastvorim in alcohol. Sensitive to light in aqueous solution.
     Available as hydrochloride.
     One of the most active contemporary antimicrobial drugs ftorhinolonov group. The presence of two molecules lomefloksatsina fluorine atoms and the methyl group in piperazinovom kernel (see formula pefloksatsina, norfloksatsina, ciprofloxacin) facilitates its rapid and prolonged action in the body.
     Active against most gram and some gram (staphylococci) aerobic bacteria, Chlamydia and M. tuberculosis.
     When ingestion rapidly and completely absorbed, C max is 0,8-1,5 h, T? 8-9 hrs; well into the organs and tissues; being small biotransformation, displayed kidneys.
     Applied with urinary tract infection (anesthetic, medicine, Urethritis, prostate), and lower respiratory tract, digestive tract (dysentery, typhoid, salmonella) and Pepsi ways LOR- organs, skin, soft tissues, bones, pelvic organs, as gonorrhoea, chlamydia and other infections caused by susceptible to ftorhinolonam microorganisms.
     Also effective in bacterial infection front camera eye (blefarity, conjunctivitis and blefaro- conjunctivitis).
     Recently lomefloksatsin claimed to have tuberculosis drugs (see) Assign it in combination with conventional anti-TB drugs, as well as TB infection is often accompanied by the non-infectious defeats.
     Applied interior and local.
     Inside designate adults usually 0.4 g (up to 0.8 g) every day. If the kidney function of the first day of use in the 0.4 g dose, and then to 0.2 g per day. The course of treatment for 3-5 days, with urinary tract infection, normal dysentery, enterocolitis and chronic gonorrhea until 3-8 weeks after chronic osteomyelitis.
     In ophthalmic practice buried under conjunctival 5 drops of 0.3% solution for 20 minutes and drop to 1 hour for 6-10 h, and then drop to 1 2-3 times a day during 7-9 days.
     Before lomefloksatsina possible epigastralnoy pain in the area, diarrhoea, headache, dizziness, Dysuria breach of urination, photosensitization.
     The drug is not suitable for predisposition to convulsions, pregnancy and breastfeeding, in the age of 18.
     Method of issuance : pills to 0.4 g (N. 5, 7, 10); 0.3% solution (eye drops) in 5 ml bottles.
     Storage : List B.

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