Lobelin (lobelinum)

LOBELIN (Lobelinum).
     Alkaloid contained in the plant Lobelia inflata, herewith. kolokolchikovyh (Campanulaceae). Optically active. Rasemat lobelina receive synthetic means.
     In clinical practice using lobelina hydrochloride (Lobelini hydrochloridum).
l-1- benzoilmetil-6- Methyl 2 - (2-hydroxy yl) - piperidine hydrochloride.
     Synonyms : Lobesil, Antisol, Atmulatin, Bantron, Lobatox, Lobeline, Lobelinum hydrochloricum, Lobesilum, Lobeton, Lobidan and others.
     The white crystalline powder bitter taste, and odourless. It is soluble in water (1:100), is soluble in alcohol (1:10).
     Provides specific stimulation of the nerve of the vegetative nervous system and karotidnye klubochki (see also Ganglioblokiruyuschie drugs), accompanied by the excitation of respiratory and other centres suffering brain.
     Stirring while wandering psyche, lobelin is slowing heartbeat and lowering blood pressure. Later, blood pressure may rise slightly from narrowing vessels due to the drug to excite sympathetic nerve, and adrenal glands. In high doses lobelin brings emetic center, is deeply respiratory depression, convulsions toniko- klonicheskie, stopping the heart.
     With the ability to bring a breath lobelin was suggested as a means for analepticheskogo with reflex stops breathing (mainly by inhalation of irritating substances, carbon monoxide poisoning, etc.).
     Recently, a respiratory stimulant is rarely used. In reducing or stopping breathing, developing as a result of progressive depletion of the respiratory center, a lobelina not shown.
     Applied intravenously, intramuscularly less.
     Adults enter for 0,003-0,005 grams (0,3-0,5 ml 1% solution), children depending on the age of 0,001-0,003 grams (0,1-0,3 ml 1% solution). Intravenous introduction of a more efficient manner.
     Intravenous lobelin enter slowly (1 ml for 1-2 min). Rapid introduction is sometimes temporary stops breathing (patients), and develop side effects of the cardiovascular system (aetiology, violation conductivity).
     The maximum dose for adults : in the non-off 0,005 g, 0.01 g daily; In muscle-off 0.01 grams daily 0.02 g.
     The drug is not suitable for organic expressed Cardiovascular diseases.
     Lobelin and others similar to it on the substance of gangliostimuliruyuschie (tsitizin, Anabasine) found in recent years as aids to smoking cessation.
     Tablets containing at 0,002 g (2 mg) lobelina hydrochloride, produced for this purpose entitled "Lobesil (Tabulettae" Lobesilum "). They covered shell (atsetilftaliltsellyulozoy) that the flow of drugs through the stomach intact and rapid release in the gut.
     After taking into smoking cessation pill to 1 4-5 times a day for 7-10 days. Subsequent to receiving tablets continue 2-4 weeks with a gradual decrease its frequency. When relapse rate can be repeated.
     Application pills lobelinom, tsitizinom and anabizinom contraindicated in acute gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, organic diseases, cardiovascular system.
     Treatment must be carried out under the supervision of a doctor.
     In overdose possible side effects : weakness, irritability, dizziness, nausea, vomiting.
     Method of issuance : 1% solution in capsules and liquid pumps for 1 ml; Pill (lobesil) to 0,002 grams (2 mg).
     Storage : List A.

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