Lithium oxybutyrate (lithii oxybutyras)

LITHIUM OKSIBUTIRAT (Lithii oxybutyras).
     G-oxybutyrate lithium.
     White or white with a barely noticeable kremovatym white crystalline powder. The easily soluble in water, it is difficult to alcohol; PH 20% aqueous 8, 5-9, 5.
     On the chemical structure is similar to lithium oxybutyrate sodium (see).
     Clinical Effects of preparation is mainly due to the presence of its lithium ion molecules, but also has elements of drug activity, a feature of sodium oksibutiratu, has sedative effect. Relatively with lithium carbonate oxybutyrate less toxic and more active. Lithium oxybutyrate be injected intramuscularly.
     Indications for use mainly the same as for lithium carbonate : gipomaniakalnye and mania and prevention of stroke speed disorders. Applied product also Psychopathy, nervousness, organic and other diseases with recurring speed disorders.
     Assign lithium oxybutyrate inside (after eating), or intramuscularly. Under the dose ranging from 0.5 to 1 g daily, until 3 g (2 - 3 admission). When expressed psychomotor initiating or refusal to take medication the patient inside his impose intramuscularly.
     When applying for preventative doses beginning with 0.5 g.
     Assign as lithium oxybutyrate as antigipoksicheskogo funds. There is evidence of drug antiaritmicheskom actions, as well as the use of lithium carbonate for correction of neutropenia in radiation treatment of chlamydia. Found that the product is genuine improvement products granulotsitov.
     In all cases, the use of lithium oxybutyrate must observe all safety precautions and consider the protocol for other litiysoderzhaschih preparations (see Litiya carbonate).
     Method of issuance : pills to 0.5 g; 20% solution in ampoules of 2 ml (0.4 g in the ampoule).
     Storage : List B. In dry place.

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