Lipamid (lipamidum)

LIPAMID (Lipamidum).
     Amid lipoevoy acid.
     The crystalline powder of light yellow color. Almost nerastvorim in the water, little is soluble in alcohol.
     Indications for use are the same as for lipoevoy acid. When coronary atherosclerosis take on the 0,025 - 0.05 g three times a day; Treatment 20 to 30 days. When illness Botkina (in the early stages) appoint 0,025 g three times a day in combination with other vitamins and pyridoxine, and, if necessary, with corticosteroid. When soft-polinevrite on 0,025 - 0.05 g three times a day.
     Repeated courses conducted after a period of 1 month.
     Preparation is better postponed than Lipoic acid, and less frequently cause side effects; In some cases, possible diarrhoeal disorders, passing on lowering the dose or stop receiving the drug.
     Product : pills to 0,025 g-coated yellow, in a package of 50 pieces.
     Storage : dry, the dark spot.

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