Liobil (liobilum)

LIOBIL (Liobilum).
     Pills containing 0.2 grams of dried bovine bile. Pills white-coated composed atsetilftaliltsellyuloza ensuring sustainability pill in the acidic environment of stomach and its solubility in alkaline environment intestines.
     Tablets contained in the bile and contributed to the outflow of bile, pancreas secretions increase, and splitting the fat intake in the gut, increased peristalsis of the bowel.
     Choleretic applied as a means of hepatitis, cholecystites and other liver diseases, chronic colitis with low reading habits and constipation. Assign also for chronic pancreatitis with reduced secretion pancreas.
     Assign into adults and 1 to 3 tablets three times a day at the end of a meal. The course of treatment 1 - 2 months.
     If necessary, repeat the treatment.
     Contraindications : obturatsionnaya jaundice, acute pancreatitis.
     Product : pills to 0.2 g soluble in the gut-coated (white), in glass banks on 50 and 100 pieces.
     Storage : in a dry place at a temperature no higher than  +25 C.
     Rp. : Tab. <Liobilum> 0.2 enterosolu biles N. 50
     D.S. On 1 - 2 pills three times a day (at the end of the food)

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