Limontar (limontar)

LIMONTAR (Limontar).
     Tablets containing succinic acid and 0,2 g citric acid (monohydrate) 0.05 g.
     Pills white sour taste.
     When ingestion reinforce and stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and kislotoobrazuyuschuyu function of gastric mucous membrane.
     Adults applied as a diagnostic tool for the study of gastric secretion capacity.
     Taking into shock one pill, dissolved in 10 ml of boiling-15 chilled water. Study kislotoobrazuyuschey secretions and gastric function, and proteolytic activity of gastric juice produced using conventional techniques.
     Application tablets contraindicated in times of increasing ulcers and expressed hypertension.
     Product : pills to 0.25 grams of 20 pieces of glass banks.
     Storage : List B. In dry, the dark spot. light spot with a temperature of 4 C.

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