Lifuzol (lifusolum)

LIFUZOL (Lifusolum).
     The drug in aerosol package containing furatsilin (0,004 or 0,008 grams), linetol (see) (0,140 or 0,297 grams), a special resin, the mixture of acetone and chladone-11 and hladona-12.
     Liquid (legkoisparyayuschayasya) with a characteristic smell of acetone solvent evaporation in forming a flexible film yellowish.
     The film, by the presence furatsilina providing antimicrobial activity; Moreover, it protects the wound surface from contamination and remains on the skin for 6 to 8 days. Can be removed with alcohol, ether, chloroform, acetone.
     Применяют для защиты не только операционных ран, послеоперационных кожных швов от инфицирования (вместо наклейки и повязки), но и кожи от мацерации при свищах, а также для защиты и лечения небольших кожных ран и герметизации каналов в местах выхода катетеров, дренажей и др.
     There is evidence of the use of lifuzolya to prevent inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue in the navel (omfalit) and sepsis in the newborn baby.
     For causing the film, click on atomization cylinder head during 1 - 2 with three times (in 15 - to 20-podsyhaniya film). Dispersed from a distance of 10 - 15 cm.
     If necessary, first, the skin is peeled wool, cotton airwaves. The wounds can be treated antiseptic. In this case, causing the film to be wound dried.
     Lifuzol should not be used to cover the extensive damage to the skin, and minor bleeding wounds, and expressed inflammatory events. We can not allow drug hit in the eye.
     In the film may be causing short-term pain. In rare cases, may develop dermatitis (in this case, film strip).
     Product : in aluminum aerosol containers of 94 or 200 ml fitted with spray valve.
     Storage : Keep at room temperature away (at least 2 m) from the existing heating devices; To protect from moisture and of direct sunlight.

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