Levotiraksin sodium (levothyroxine sodium)

LEVOTIRAKSIN SODIUM (Levothyroxine sodium).
     O - (4 - Oxy-3, 5-diyodfenil) -3,5 - diyod-? Sodium - Tyrosine.
     Synonyms : L- Tirok, L- Tiroksin, Tiro 4, Eutiroks, Eutirox, L-Thyrok, L-Thyroxin, Thyro-4.
     Sodium salt levovraschayuschego tiroksina isomer.
     In low doses has anabolic effects, in high-growth stimulates the body tissues need oxygen and functional activity of the cardiovascular system and central nervous system in high-oppressing a tireotropin- rilizing- tireotropnogo factors and hormones.
     The relatively well-absorbed (80%) in a thin intestines, C max at about 6 h, T? 8 days; being biotransformation (mainly in the liver, muscle and brain) triyodtironina education.
     Gipotireoidnyh applied in a position, eutireoidnom goitre, auto-immune tireoidite, thyrotoxicosis, with carcinoma of the thyroid gland, as well as to prevent the recurrence of goitre after POE thyroid.
     Assign inside (PCP morning, squeezed water) : with hypothyroidism, since 0,0125-0,05 mg dose (12,5-50 µ g) per day with a gradual increase in its (every 2-3 weeks at 0,025-0 , 05 mg) to the supporting-0,125-0,25 mg / day; after an operation on the thyroid tumors to 0.3 mg / day; in adjuvant therapy for hyperthyroidism 0,005-0,1 mg / day ; when eutireoidnom goitre and for the prevention of relapse after POE adults on 0,075-0,2 mg, children under 0,0125-0,15 mg per day.
     Possible side effects : tachycardia, arrhythmia, zagrudinnye pain, tremor, anxiety, insomnia, rash, diarrhea, Alopecia, a breach of adrenal function.
     The drug is not suitable for high sensitivity to iodine, IBS, tahiaritmiyah, heart failure, severe arterial hypertension, as a violation of adrenal cortex.
     Product : pills to 0,025; 0.05; 0.1 and 0.15 mg (N. 25, 50).

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