Levokabastin (levocabastine)

    LEVOKABASTIN (Levocabastine).
(-)-[ 1 (cis), 3? , 4?] -1-[4-Tsiano-4- (4-fluorophenyl) BUTYLPEROXY] -3-methyl fenil-4- piperidinkarbonovoy hydrochloride acid.
      Synonym : Gistimet, Gistimet.
      N1- gistaminovyh receptor blockers for local use.
      After backfilling eyes partially absorbed, T? about 40 h; out kidneys unchanged.
      Applied with allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis.
      Instillyatsiya in each eye drop to 1 or 2 inhalation route to the fore during each two times a day. The course of treatment 10-15 days (up to 1 month).
      Possible side effects : environment or mucosal irritation nose, visual, headache, dizziness, sleepiness, coughing, etc. mialgiya
      The drug is contraindicated in violation of kidney function, pregnancy, age 12.
      When applying eye drops is not recommended wearing contact lenses.
      The use of the solution by changing its colour.
      Product : 0.05% solution (eye drops) in flakonah- looks to 4 ml; 0.05% intranasal spray in vials of 10 ml with a sprayer.

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