Levamisole (levamisolum)

LEVAMIZOL (Levamisolum). (-) 2, 3, 5, 6 Tetragidro-6- fenilimidazo- [2 1-b] - tiazola hydrochloride.
     White amorphous or crystalline powder. The easily soluble in water.
     Synonyms : Adiafor, Ascaridil, Casydrol, Decaris, Ergamisol, Ketrax, Levasole, Levoripercol, Levotetramisol, Nilbutan, Sitrax, Tenisol and others.
     Initially, the drug has been proposed as a means protivoglistnogo because it is very effective in dealing with askaridami (see Protivoglistnye means). The beneficial effects also in nekatoroze, strongiloidoze, partly ankilostomidoze. Assign with worms once before bedtime : an adult dose of 150 mg, children under 2, 5 mg per 1 kg of body weight. If necessary, repeat the treatment after 1 week. Compliance with the diet is not required.
     Antigelmintnogo mechanism of action based on the specific inhibition suktsinatdegidrogenazy, therefore blocked crucial for nematodes response and recovery fumarata violated during the bio of worms.
     A study of antigelmintnogo levamizola found that it increases the overall resistance of the body and can be used as a tool for immunotherapy. Experiments on isolated cells and the monitoring of healthy and sick people showed that the drug can restore modified as T-lymphocytes and phagocytes and because of its effect timomimeticheskogo can regulate cellular mechanisms of the immune system. More detailed studies have shown that levamisole, selectively stimulating regulatory function of T-lymphocytes may serve as immunomodulator that could strengthen weak cellular immune responses, strong and not weaken the act normal.
     In connection with these properties, levamisole was proposed for the treatment of various diseases in the pathogenesis of immunogenesis attach importance disorder : primary and secondary immunodeficiency condition, auto-immune diseases, chronic and recurring infections, tumors and others.
     The most studied of levamizola with rheumatoid arthritis. The preparation of the base facilities are in long-term use; The effect is slow (from about the third month). Assign drug inside in the daily dose of 150 mg daily (sometimes allows discontinuous courses next 3 days a week).
     Therapeutic effects were also in patients with chronic nonspecific respiratory diseases, receiving 150 mg levamizola a day or 100 mg per day. Pronounced clinical results and positive developments in the immunological indicators marked in patients with chronic glomerulonephritis and medicine, levamisole took 150 mg three times a week.
     Inclusion levamizola (2 - 2, 5 mg / kg / day for 3 days with breaks between courses 5 to 6 days; Only 2 to 4 courses) in a comprehensive protivoyazvennuyu therapy favourably affect the clinical course and scarring duodenal ulcer bowel in patients with negative often, recurring and protracted disease. Помимо неблагоприятного течения заболевания, показанием к применению препарата служило снижение клеточного иммунитета (уменьшение количества Т-лимфоцитов, повышение количества В-лимфоцитов в периферической крови).
     There is a positive step in adjuvant therapy levamizola toxoplasmosis (in the case of chronic toxoplasmosis) with a secondary immune deficiency associated with the activity of T-violation and B-lymphocytes. In patients assigned levamisole 150 mg for 3 consecutive days off for 1 week interval between cycles, only 2 to 3 cycles. Also used drug for treatment of skin diseases, vulgar and pink acne, eczema.
     The positive effects observed in the application levamizola adjuvant therapy in patients with difficult to treat forms of schizophrenia.
     Levamisole as immunostimuliruyushy medicines can be effective in the treatment of various diseases. However, it should be used with caution, and when indicated, in the first place, reducing the activity shown in the T-system of immunity. Doses must be carefully selected, since the excess doses may not immunostimulating and immunodepressivnoe effect, in some cases from small doses levamizola.
     The drug can cause various side effects. In a single application (for the treatment of worms) expressed phenomenon has been noticed, but a second application could experience headaches, sleep disorders, increased body temperature, the change in taste sensations, diarrhoeal phenomenon scent hallucinations (changing odours), allergic skin reactions, agranulotsitoz.
     In treatment levamizolom should periodically (not less than 3 weeks) for blood tests.
     The drug is contraindicated if after 10 hours after receiving the first dose of 150 mg, the number of leukocyte reduced below 3 * 10 9 / L (or to reduce the number of neutrophil granulotsitov to 1 * 10 9 / L).
     Product : pills to 0.05 and 0.15 g.
     Storage : List B.

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