Lenograstim (lenograstim)

LENOGRASTIM (Lenograstim).
     Synonym : Granotsit, Granocyte.
     Glikoproteid containing 174 amino acid balance.
     There is genetically engineered by the expression granulotsitarnogo koloniestimuliruyuschego human factor.
     Promoting leykopoez, accelerating the differentiation of bone marrow cells, and increasing the number of emerging from it full neutrophiles.
     Indications for use, precautions, possible side effects and contraindications are basically the same as the other factors colony.
     The recommended dose of 150 µ g (19.2 million IU) of 1 m2 of body surface per day. In cancer chemotherapy lenograstim imposed under the skin, starting the following day, after completing chemotherapy. Treatment continued until normalization of neutrophiles in the peripheral blood. In bone marrow transplantation is injected (within 30 minutes), starting from the next day after the operation, a day before the stabilization of neutrophiles.
     Product : dried powder for injection solutions in vials on 13400000, 33600000 and 47000000 IU together with the solvent.
     For subcutaneous injection of the contents of a bottle to throw ex tempore in the attached solvent. For intravenous infusions contents of a bottle first dissolve in the attached water for injection, and then grow to 0.9% (isotonic) sodium chloride solution : 13400000 IU-50 ml; 33600000 IU-100 ml; 47 million IU - 140 ml.
     Storage : with a temperature of 2 to 8 ° C.

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