Leykinferon dry injection

     Combined product? - Interferon and other Cytokines.
     For properties similar to human interferon leykotsitarnomu injection.
     Assign intramuscularly in adults and children over 1 year of 10,000 IU per day. When viral hepatitis are 3-7 during the day, followed by 1 or 2 days at least 10 days. In influenza and other acute respiratory viral infection apply for 3-5 day (morning, intramuscularly, in the evening, inhalation). In acute and chronic infectious diseases treated at 10-15 injection (first-to-enter stihaniya symptoms daily, and then after 1-3 days). In acute and chronic lung disease combined with the introduction of intramuscular inhalation, 2 times a week for two weeks, then give intramuscularly 1-3 times a week. In oncological practice in radio and chemotherapy (if leyko- and limfopenii) enter 2-3 times a week over the course of cytostatic therapy and two weeks after.
     Product : in ampoules for  10000 IU.
     Storage : List B.

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