Lekozim (lecozim)

LEKOZIM (Lecozim) *.
     Proteolytic product obtained (as karipazin) from Fig Tree a melon juice (Sa rica raraua L.). Like karipazinu contains enzyme papain, himopapain, peptidazy and mukolitichesky enzyme lysozyme.
     Dried white powder.
     Activity is expressed in units of [U FIP (F e deration International R harmaceutical and Unit-unit).] Established by the International Federation of Pharmaceutical (FIP).
     The main effect lekozima linked to its proteolytic activity, there are specific hondroliticheskaya activity.
     Unlike karipazina, lekozim apply not only local but also dropped.
     Lekozim found use in trauma and orthopaedic practice (with the spine disorders, some forms of intervertebral disc hernia, post contracture, to rescue fistulas, etc.); In neurosurgical practice (spine pathology, rubtsovo- spaechnye changes after peripheral nerve injury, etc.); in ophthalmic practice (for resorption ekssudatov in turbidity cornea, and low-keratitis uveitah, clouded vitreous body asthma haemorrhage in the eye Day, etc.). There is evidence of the ability of a drug to delay the development of cataracts. Assign also ekstrakapsulyarnoy cataract extraction.
     Lekozim applied in the form of injections, eye drops, electrophoresis methods.
     Solutions are ex tempore; Dissolve the contents of a bottle in 2 ml of sterile water for injection or 0.5% solution of novocaine and mixed shaking. Aqueous solutions remain active for 1 to 3 hours In contact with the metal inaktiviruetsya medicine quickly, so there should be no prolonged contact with the solution syringe needles.
     Treatment lekozimom requires great care (especially in the ophthalmic practice) to determine dosage. Introduction of by injection, and eye drops can be accompanied by pain and inflammation phenomena.
     With high sensitivity (itch, temperatures, etc.) using antihistamines drugs.
     Lekozim contraindicated in acute inflammatory the process of x in a tissue, infectious diseases, tumors, protruzii slipped disc in the spinal canal, pregnancy expressed neurological disorders.
     Product : in the hermetically ukuporennyh vials of dried powder of proteolytic activity FIP U 70 to 10 bottles in the package.
     Storage : at a temperature of up to + 2 + 8 'C. In high temperature product becomes active.
     Aqueous solutions remain active for 1 to 3 hours

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