Latanoprost (latanoprost)

LATANOPROST (Latanoprost).
     [3,5 Dioksi-2 - (3-phenyl-oksi-5- pentil) tsiklopentil] -1 - pentilovy geptanoevoy acid ester.
     Synthetic eykozanoid group prostaglandin F2? .
     Of the pharmacological properties latanoprosta attracted particular attention to its ability in small concentrations, cause a loss of inner pressure (VGD) in patients with open-angle and began to manufacture abroad in the form of eye drops for ophthalmic practice called "Ksalatan." Under the same name it is registered and used in the Russian Federation.
     Ksalatan (Xalatan), 0.005% aqueous solution with the addition latanoprosta inhibitor-digidrofosfata sodium, antiseptic-benzalkoniya chloride, sodium chloride. Colorless transparent liquid.
     The drug reduces the VGD by stimulating the movement of moisture through the inner muscle fibers resnitchatogo suprahorioidalnoe body in space and then outwards through skleru. At the systemic arterial pressure and respiration does not have a significant impact.
     Applied mostly with the open - glaucoma, and the ineffectiveness of other means used to reduce the inner pressure.
     Diluted well penetrates through corneal. When backfilling decline VGD is 3-4 h, reaches through a 8-12 h, and persisted up to 24 hours or more.
     Buried ksalatan 1 drop in 1 patient eye once a day (evening). It appears that the increase in the number of drops is not increasing, and reduces the effectiveness of the drug.
     By virtue of anti-hypertensive action against VGD ksalatan virtually corresponds to the 0.5% solution (eye drops) timolola and its analogs.
     Generally well tolerated medication (not excessive).
     Possible side effects : a sense of light pain in the eye, hyperemia close-allergic reactions. A side effect - enhanced (for a long time after 3-4 months or more) iris pigmentation (which produced backfill) from blue to brown, sometimes resulting in geterohromii eyes. Dark colours can buy lashes and skin around the eyes.
     The drug is contraindicated in pregnancy and breastfeeding.
     Ksalatan can be used in combination with other antiglaukomatoznymi means.
     Product : 0.005% solution in vials of 2.5 ml (fewer drugs in the same package compared to other hypotensive eye drops because of the relatively low stability). Apply ksalatan after opening the bottle should be no more than 4 weeks.

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