Lamotrigine (lamotrigine)

LAMOTRIDZHIN (Lamotrigine).
     Diamino-6- 3,5 - (2,3 - dihlorfenil) -1,2,4-triazine.
     Synonyms : Lamiktal, Lamictal.
     The original structure and actions protivosudorozhny (protivoepileptichesky) product.
     Protivosudorozhnoe linked to the stabilization presinapticheskih neyronalnyh membrane potentsialzavisimyh sodium channel blockade, and prevent release of incident neyromediatornyh amino acids (mainly glutamate, as well as aspartata).
     When drug ingestion well absorbed, C max is 2-2,5 hours; T 1 / 2 to 30 h; Metabolised in the liver glyukoronidov education; Presented primarily in urine, faeces in small quantities.
     Monotherapies and applied for additional treatment of partial and generalized fits eplepsii. Effective in cases of resistance to other antiepileptic drugs.
     Assign adults and children over 12 years of age with monotherapies, starting with 0,025 g dose (25 mg) one time a day during the two weeks, then increase the dose to 0.05 g 1 time per day over the next two weeks, then gradually increase dose of 0,05-0,1 g every 1-2 weeks to obtain therapeutic effect. Supporting average dose of 0.2 g / day for 2 admission (in some cases up to 0.5 g / day).
     Children aged 2 to 12 years are designated from 0.2 mg / kg one time a day over a period of two weeks, further to 0.5 mg / kg one time a day over a period of two weeks, then picked terapevticheskub effective dose. Average supporting dose 1-5 mg / kg per day in 1-2 reception.
     Lamotrigine used in combination with other drugs protivoepilepticheskimi. Neobhodmo, however, keep in mind that phenobarbital, carbamazepine, Primidone (for the induction of liver enzymes metaboliziruyuschih) might weaken it, and valproat sodium metabolism slows lamotridzhina and reinforces it. Therefore, while admission to valproanom lamotridzhina reduce sodium intake : initial daily (in the first 2 weeks) to 0.05 g, and supports up to the city of 0,2-0,4
     The drug is usually well; There may, however, dizziness, headache, drowsiness or irritability, diplopia, allergic reactions (skin rashes, swelling Kvinke).
     Contraindications to liver failure.
     Be careful in appointing lamotridzhina elderly and pregnant; Unless absolutely necessary in the first three months of pregnancy should not take the drug. Do not appoint Lamotrigine children under the age of 2 years.
     Product : pills to 0,025; 0.05 and 0.1 g (25, 50 and 100 mg) tablets chewing-0,005; 0,025 and 0.1 g (N.30).
     Storage : List B.

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