Lamivudine (lamivudin)

LAMIVUDIN (Lamivudin).
     (-) [1-(2-Oksimetil) -1,3 - oksatiolan-5- d] Cytosine.
     Synonyms : Zeffiks, Epivir TriTiSi, Epivir 3TC, Zeffix.
     The white or whitish crystalline powder. Mg in the water.
     The structure, mechanism of action and the application close to AZT (see).
     Once inside quickly and almost completely absorbed, T? at 3-5 h; kidney allocated mainly unchanged.
     Applied (in combination with AZT) for HIV infection in adults and children.
     Assign an adult on the inside of 0.15 g every 12 h, the rate of children 2-4 mg / kg.
     Possible side effects : diarrhoeal phenomenon, cough, insomnia, disruption of the liver, peripheral neuropathy, neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, etc.
     Contraindications to radiation, anemia, kidney and liver failure, hepatitis and liver cancer, pregnancy and breastfeeding.
     Method of production : tablets of 0,1 and 0,15 g (N. 14); 0.5% and 1% solutions for the reception inside the bottles in 240 ml.
     Storage : List B.

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