Laktoprotein (lactoproteinum)

LAKTOPROTEIN (Lactoproteinum).
     Protein saline solution containing albumin (50 g per 1000 ml), sodium lactate, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium hydrogen, sodium chloride, sodium kaprilat, glucose (50 g per 1000 ml).
     Transparent viscous from light yellow to yellow.
     Has gemodinamicheskoe, dezintoksikatsionnoe, oschelachivayuschee effect; With repeated introductions and reduces gipoproteinemiyu gipoalbuminemiyu.
     Assign an adult to correct acid core, and gipoproteinemii with traumatic, and operating Burns shock, burn disease; In aftercare period after severe abdominal operations, including operations on the heart; When gipoproteinemii gipoalbuminemii and, in developing dystrophy, nefroticheskih syndrome, liver cirrhosis , long nagnoitelnyh processes in a variety of infectious defeats, eksikoze caused by diarrhoeal diseases, sepsis, intussusception, as well as other diseases and pathological conditions.
     Enter medication intravenously, in shock-struyno, in other cases, drip.
     Under the dose is 200-400 ml. In shock and krovopotere single dose can be increased to 600 ml. In cases of massive krovopoteri shows a combination drug with blood.
     In chronic gipoproteinemii, medication should be every day or every other day dose of 200 ml. The duration of treatment is determined by the dynamics of this protein in the blood. The total dose of 1000 2000 ml.
     Introduction laktoproteina may be accompanied by the development of allergic reactions. If allergic reaction poorly expressed, perhaps re - transfusion, which should be slow, especially in the first 10 for 15 minutes, at intervals of a few minutes, after each 5 ml. Introduction laktoproteina in these cases may be continued while desensibiliziruyuschey therapy. When expressed allergies introduction of a drug stop.
     Laktoprotein not appointed when contraindicated pouring liquid protein (bleeding in the brain embolism, cardiac decompensation, hypertension stage II-III).
     We should not impose laktoprotein children.
     Product : in bottles of 200 ml.
     Storage : at a temperature of up to + 2 + 8 C in the dark spot.

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